'...Let's do some explaining. The London/Corby band use the usual primary colours - bass, drums, guitar - but follow a tribal instinct which leads them into obscene territories. Hence 'Spindle' starts off like feral rockabilly before hyperventilating on itself and speaking in tongues. '4454' appears quite normal at first - the odd disco beat here, a punkish riff there - but then singer Claire Smith seems to drop to her knees in a warped offering to Lucifer, the black robes come out..and dash it, the dinner party's ruined again...the offer something uniquely out there. We've all had that jazz cigarette-prompted conversation that questions what music humans would make if they'd grown up completely isolated from other people's music. Here, at least, is one plausible answer.'
5* Single of the Month review for Spindle / 4454 in Artrocker Magazine

'Chapter 24 are a london-germinated quartet who've nailed the slashing guitar versus tropicalized drums backbone perfectly...Comparisons to the tropical punk craze are bound to be made but there's enough crampsy stomp and noise to prise Chapter 24 out of the jaws of genre.'
Rough Trade Shops

Think of Erase Errata, Wild Flag, Wire, and The Slits, all full of youthful energy and wide eyed possibility and you get close to the kind of terrain Chapter 24 so wonderfully explore. This immediately has us jumping up and down with fists in the air with sweat dripping down our bodies (not at work though of course!).
Aquarius Records

'Relentlessly inventive and appealing art-punk that manages to marry ideas with a wild danceable sound, this is a band that doesn’t get lost in its own inventiveness knowing how to deliver a fresh and exciting sound that doffs a cap to the greats whilst retaining its own unique and joyous voice.'
God is in the TV

'Standing out from the crowd as unadulterated highlights though are Corby trio Chapter 24 and their The Who-bastardising riot grrrl squabble...'
Drowned in Sound

'Veering between art-rock eccentricities, Riot Grrl punk and the kind of semi-twee melodic sensibilities of Vampire Weekend, Chapter 24 are, however clearly all about the contradictions.'
NME Magazine

'Channeling the best of The Slits and The Clash from the punk fraternity and nodding towards Vampire Weekend with their spikey Afro-punk guitar riffs, their music is infectious, fresh and wholly danceable.'
Ruth Barnes (The Other Woman/BBC 6 Music)

'...a mixture of Cliff Richard '50s holiday vibes and sci-fi feedback...'
Artrocker magazine